During the Formentera Experience you will have 4 hours free to explore Formentera, fortunately, the island is relatively small, so with proper planning, you will be able to see many of the most famous attractions in a short time.


To move around the island of Formentera, you will need a means of transport. There are several options to choose from: you can rent a bike, a moped or a car. The choice will depend on your personal preferences and budget.
If you want to save money and enjoy the scenery, I recommend renting a bike. There are several bike rental companies on the island and the prices range from 8 to 12 euros per day. This way, you can enjoy some physical exercise and visit the nearest beaches in an economical and ecological way.
If, on the other hand, you have less time available and want to cover greater distances, it might be better to rent a moped. Prices vary from 25 to 35 euros per day and the cost of fuel is quite low. Driving a moped on the island of Formentera is very easy, as there are no steep slopes and the roads are in good condition.
If you have a family or group of friends to share your rental with, the best option may be a car rental. There are several car rental companies on the island and the prices range from 50 to 100 euros per day. However, if you rent a car, you will also need to consider the cost of fuel and parking, which can be difficult in high season.

The first stop on your visit to Formentera should be the Mirador de la Mola. This is one of the most spectacular viewpoints on the island and offers a breathtaking view of the sea and the surrounding coast. The Mirador de la Mola is located in the east of the island and the journey by car or scooter from the main town of Sant Francesc Xavier takes approximately 20-30 minutes.
The second stop should be the Mirador Es Cap de Barbaria. This is another spectacular viewpoint located in the southwest part of the island. The Mirador Es Cap de Barbaria offers incredible views of the Formentera lighthouse and the surrounding cliffs. The journey by car or scooter from the main town of Sant Francesc Xavier takes approximately 20 minutes.


The last stop on your visit to Formentera should be one of the island’s famous beaches. There are numerous white sand beaches and crystal clear waters all over the island, but if you only have 4 hours, we recommend you visit one of the following:

 Playa Ses Illetes
Playa Illetes is one of the most popular beaches on the island and is known for its crystal clear waters and its white sand. It is considered one of the best beaches in the world, so don’t miss it. The beach is also well equipped with services such as bars, restaurants and water sport equipment hire.

Es Pujols
Es Pujols is a tourist town offering a wide range of shops, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Es Pujols beach is one of the most popular on the island and offers spectacular views of the sea. Here you can enjoy the sun and go for a swim in the turquoise water.

Migjorn is a very long beach that stretches for about seven kilometers. Here you can also find some secluded and quiet coves, where you can enjoy the sea in peace. Migjorn is a popular destination for surfers due to its constant waves.

La Sabina beach is located near the port of Formentera and is well equipped with services for visitors. Here you can enjoy the calm waves and go for a refreshing swim. The beach also offers spectacular views of the coast and open sea.

Es Calo


Es Calo is a very quiet and secluded beach located in the north of Formentera. Here you can enjoy crystal clear water and fine sand. The beach is surrounded by wild nature and offers spectacular views of the coast.

In five hours, you can visit at least two beaches, but if you have time for three, we recommend visiting Playa Illetes and Es Pujols. Both beaches are close to each other and offer a different experience. If you like surfing, don’t miss Migjorn. If you are looking for a quiet and secluded beach, try Es Calo. Regardless of your choice, you can be sure of an unforgettable experience on the island of Formentera.
As a last stop before getting back on board for dinner and the return journey, we suggest you visit the “mercadillo artesanal” located right in the square of the tourist port!

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